Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Tamir Heyman: Israel on Cusp of Third Palestinian Intifada

IOF Detain 35 Palestinian Citizens in West Bank, Jerusalem
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The comprehensive Palestinian anger triggered concerns regarding the outbreak of a third Palestinian intifada, prompting the former head of the Israeli Intelligence Unit, Tamir Heyman, to warn of serious indications of the outbreak of a third Palestinian intifada.

Heyman has previously confirmed that there are “indicators” that can’t be overlooked, increasing the possibility of the outbreak of a third Palestinian intifada with unprecedented characteristics.

Heyman pointed out that the Palestinian arena is getting more heated than what the majority of the public might expect, stressing that these are indications of the possibility of a massive explosion of the situation in the near term.

It’s noteworthy that the political affairs commentator on the Israeli “Kan” channel, Gili Cohen, revealed that the Israeli security is “very concerned” about the potentially explosive situation inside Palestinian cities.

Political analysts confirm that with the anticipation of the cabinet meeting today, the Palestinian anger will escalate, and in return the occupation forces will practice more field executions to prove its ability to confront the Palestinian resistance, which increases the flames of anger.