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Thursday, June 1

Spotify Backtracks on Removal of Patriotic Palestinian Song

Spotify issued a formal announcement following the deletion of "Ana Dammi Falastini" (My Blood is Palestinian), a song that celebrates Palestinian patriotism.
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Spotify issued a formal announcement following the deletion of “Ana Dammi Falastini” (My Blood is Palestinian), a song that celebrates Palestinian patriotism, after facing widespread controversy for removing the popular Palestinian hit.

The track by Palestinian vocalist Mohammed Assaf vanished from music streaming websites, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

The mysterious disappearance of the hit single from Spotify has caused an uproar among fans, with many of them pointing an accusatory finger at the streaming service.

A fresh license agreement was later concluded between Assaf and Spotify enabled the Middle East Monitor to announce the song’s comeback on the music streaming platform.

According to music authorities, temporarily missing songs can be attributed to terms of distribution reaching their expiration date, which can be remedied once new agreements are solidified.

Spotify, an immensely popular music streaming site, recently made a move to remove certain songs from their platform. A Spotify spokesperson remarked on the decision saying, “Spotify aims to offer a wide range of music on our platform, but availability may vary over time and country.”

The song, “Dammi Falastini,” appeared on the artist’s Muntasib Alqamah Amshi album, which was issued in the year 2015.

Spotify has issued a statement addressing the recent removal of some content from Mohammed Assaf’s discography. According to the statement, the company was not responsible for the removal, but instead it was carried out by the distributor.

The company has since apologized for any inconvenience caused and anticipates the missing content to return in the near future.

Singer Mohammed Assaf recently commented on the removal of an iconic landmark, saying on Instagram, “That’s fine. It’s preserved in the hearts of all of those who are free and noble.”

In 2013, Assaf experienced meteoric success after winning the “Arab Idol” singing competition.

Signed to Platinum Records, an esteemed label owned by the Saudi entertainment powerhouse MBC, the artist has since been catapulted into stardom.

Spotify has been the only digital streaming platform to officially announce the deletion of the track, which has been removed from other streaming services as well.

Both Deezer and Apple Music have a strong influence in the Middle East and North Africa, yet neither streaming service has said anything regarding the vanishing of this particular track from their stores.