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Tuesday, March 21

South African’s Leaders: Apartheid Israeli Occupation is Far Much Worse than Ours

N.S | DOP -

South African leaders who fought against apartheid in their country said in a press TV on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, that apartheid Israeli occupation is far much worse.

“Of course, the narrative of the Palestinian people’s struggle does evoke experiences of our own history, of racial segregation and oppression,” An African leader said during the press TV.

“I recall having a conversation with former speaker of our national assembly Dr. Frene Ginwala after she had visited Palestine and I have never forgotten her response. She said, ‘it felt exactly like being in a township in South Africa’ The African leader added while wearing the “Kofya”, a scarf symbols Palestinian resistance.

She concluded: “How many reports do we need that call Israeli occupation out on their unfair treatment of Palestinians and point out that Israeli occupation is implementing apartheid?”