Days of Palestine

“Smile Kitchen”… The First Academy Culinary Arts in Gaza


Dressed in spotless whites and a traditional chef’s hat, Chef Ahmed Nassar stands for several hours teaching students the basics of cooking and food presentation at the Smile Kitchen Culinary Arts Academy.

Chef Nassar (50 years old) is a graduate of the Higher Academy of Hotel Arts from Seville, Spain, and holds a star from the Spanish royal palaces. He has experience of 15 years. He is a chef specializing in the international culinary field.
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Nassar says: The Academy is considered a training center that provides specialized courses in the basics of food with the expertise of chefs in the Gaza Strip, adding: “The Academy has gained international recognition, as it holds accredited certificates from the universities of the Gaza Strip and the International Chefs Association based in Bethlehem, and from the World Association of Societies Chefs “Wax”

He continues, that the Culinary Arts Academy was able to reach contracts with international universities and international institutions in the context of developing students and to graduate chefs with high expertise in order to integrate them into the labor market and their ability to provide job opportunities of their own.

Regarding the students’ desire to learn, he points out that there is a great desire among the male and female students registered in the academy to learn, as there is great interest and demand and a need to learn all the information related to the arts and basics of cooking.

Chef Nassar, through the Smile Kitchen Academy, is trying to connect the students to the world. About a year ago, the academy’s students won 5 medals at an international level, with the participation of 100 countries, 40 chefs, and 6000 contestants.

Students do not stop at just learning the basics, but they also seek to apply those basics discover new recipes and invent them according to their own taste.

Chef Nassar believes that the lack of high-quality raw materials, the lack of some ingredients, and the lack of financial support for the Academy affects its work in one way or another. Students need to learn some international recipes whose ingredients are not available in the Gaza Strip.