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Wednesday, March 29

Silwan’s Homes Threatened with Collapse Due to Israeli Excavations

Silwan's Homes Threatened with Collapse Due to Israeli Excavations
B.M | DOP -

The heavy rains in occupied Jerusalem revealed the dangers of collapse that Silwan homes are subject to due to the occupation excavations.

Over the past few hours, sever walls and floors of houses collapsed in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Jabal Mukaber.

In Wadi Al-Jouz, a retaining wall collapsed over a vehicle, while an external floor collapsed in a house in the Al-Shiyah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.

Several days ago, Israeli occupation forces demolished a retaining wall belonging to the Abu Tayeh family in Silwan town, threatening the adjacent homes in the area.

Furthermore, media sources shared photos that showed several stones falling from the Dome of the Rock in occupied Jerusalem a few days ago.

The Israeli Elad settlement association has previously revealed that it has concluded the excavations that it carried out in Jabal Mukaber and Silwan.

It added that it obtained approval from the occupation municipality in Jerusalem to start construction of a huge tourist center at the top of Jabal Mukaber.

Director of the International Jerusalem Center Hasan Khater said that the cracks in Al-Aqsa Mosque are due to the Israeli excavations that are taking place below it.

Khater pointed out that the cracks that appeared in Al-Aqsa Mosque have been going on for years in the Al-Qibli prayer hall, due to the ongoing Israeli excavations.