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Report: Netanyahu ’s Foolishness  Shorten Way to His End 

Report: Netanyahu’s Foolishness  Shorten Way to His End 
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Writer Douglas Bloomfield noticed that the events in “Israel” may not be the end of the state, but it may be the beginning of the end of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli politics.

Bloomfield, an American Jew, said Sunday, April 2, 2023, in an article in the Israeli newspaper “The Jerusalem Post” that the foolishness of the longest-serving Israeli prime minister in the Israeli occupation’s history led the country into the worst internal crisis in 75 years.

He indicated that his alliance with religious extremists and nationalists, who do not get along well with the majority of Israelis, was the main motivation for him.

Bloomfield addressed the “judicial reform” plan saying, “If his attack on the judiciary and the trend towards tyranny was prepared, he was able to hide it from everyone, because he never mentioned it during his election campaign or inauguration.”

The writer referred to Netanyahu’s approval of National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir’s request to form his own police force, even though he was convicted of incitement, racism, and support for a terrorist organization.

He continued, “It is not difficult to understand why Netanyahu accepted these demands. A former Israeli ambassador told me that his main agenda is to stay out of prison.”

Last week, the Knesset passed a law preventing the attorney general from declaring Netanyahu unfit to remain in power, while he is on trial for fraud, corruption, breach of trust, and other possible criminal offenses.

The writer added that Netanyahu needs to keep the coalition together long enough to pass these measures and any other matter remains secondary, including the Israeli occupation’s status as a “democratic state”.

He continued, “After pledging to press for the approval of the judicial amendments, Netanyahu was forced to back down, when the opponents brought the country to a dead end last Monday.”

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz indicated that the Israeli occupation has realized that the current fascist Israeli government is full of extremist far-right groups who are convicted of supporting Israeli terrorism.  

It added that the extremism of Natenyahu’s government has led to general upheaval in the Israeli society.