Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Rage Overwhelms Nablus over PA’s Detention of Freedom Fighter Wanted by Israeli Occupation

M.Y | DOP -

The Palestinian Authority security forces arrested Musab Shtayyeh, a Palestinian who is wanted by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF), in the city of Nablus, in the occupied West bank.

Preventive Security force arrested Shtayyeh, along with two others, from downtown Nablus.

Young men from Nablus are burning rubber tires in protest of the arrest of Shtayyeh by the Palestinian Authority, adding that a number of camps in Nablus are witnessing demonstrations calling for Shatyyeh’s release.

In response, Hamas movement spokesperson Abdel Latif Al-Qanou considered Shtayyeh’s arrest by the Palestinian Authority security services to be a free service to the Israeli occupation.

It is noteworthy that Shtayyeh is a freed prisoner, and Israeli occupation forces have repeatedly threatened his father to assassinate him.