Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Pro-Palestinian Activists Still Protesting Before Elbit Factory

N.S | DOP -

A number of pro-Palestinian activists are still protesting in front of Elbit company LTD, which provides Israeli occupation forces with logistic arms including drones, demanding its closure.

The protestors have been demonstrating in front of the factory for twenty days, setting up camps on the doorstep of the factory as they are living their normal life.

“We’ve reached day TWENTY of camping outside our local Israeli death factory, we’ve extended the camp to include a seating and cooking/storage area. What we need now is more people to join us even if it’s just for a few hours’ day or night. United, we WILL kick” one of the protesters tweeted this morning.

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an Israel-based international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world.