Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Palestinians Stage Sit-in Against Displacement Policy in Khan al-Ahmar

S.K | DOP -

The head of the Wall and Settlement Commission, Moayed Shaaban, announced Tuesday, January 31, 2023 the stage of a sit-in in the village of Khan Al-Ahmar, east of occupied Jerusalem until Wednesday, in rejection of the occupation court’s decision to demolish it and deport its Palestinian residents.

Shaaban called the Palestinian Resistance Committees, to be present permanently in the village to protect its citizens and prevent their displacement, to send a strong popular message to the extremist Israeli occupation government that Palestinians will not allow the demolition of the Khan.

He stressed that the demolition and displacement of the Palestinians in the Khan area, which includes 25 communities, means the end of the Palestinian dream of establishing a Palestinian state and the closure of any horizon for any political solution, as well as the control of thousands of dunums extending from the eastern slopes of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, in addition to the displacement of 4,000 Palestinians.

About 200 Palestinian citizens, more than half of whom are children, live in the danger of demolishing their homes and deporting them from their land and source of livelihood in the village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, located 15 km east of occupied Jerusalem.

The residents’ fears were renewed after the Israeli Minister of National Security in the extremist occupation government, Itamar Ben Gvir, announced that he would request the immediate evacuation of the village.