Days of Palestine

IOF Imposes Lockdown on Shufat, Anata Refugee Camp

S.K | DOP -

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) closed Sunday, October 11, 2022 all entrances to Shufat refugee camp and nearby Anata town, northeast of occupied Jerusalem for the third day in arow.

At the same time, the Israeli occupation forces continued to raid homes, clash with residents and detain Palestinians as hundreds of soldiers, security agents continue to kidnap Palestinians without a charge or trial.

IOF prevented at least 100.000 Palestinian residents, including students, from leaving the camp, which is separated from East Jerusalem by an eight-meter-high concrete wall and a military checkpoint despite the fact that it is located within Jerusalem municipal boundaries.

Hundreds were also left stranded inside and outside the camp and town as the occupation forces prevented them from leaving or entering these areas after locking it down following the shooting of Palestinians attempting to offer food and shelter.

Anata mayor Taha Rifai emphasized that the Israeli forces continued to break into homes, terrorizing families, stopping people in the streets and checking their IDs, while forcing shops to shut down.

Several stores have also reported a shortage in supplies due to the closure of the checkpoints at these two communities.