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Saturday, March 25

Palestinians and Pro-Palestine People Revive Week of Revealing Israeli Apartheid Regime to World

Palestinians and Pro-Palestinians Revive Week of Revealing Israeli Apartheid Regime to World
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The Palestinian people in occupied Palestine, as well as Pro-Palestine people around the world, revive the week of resistance to apartheid “United in the face of Israeli apartheid”, which is scheduled to be held in Gaza on March 13, with the participation of more than 250 cities around the world.

The week of resistance to Israeli apartheid comes in light of the escalation of the Israeli occupation’s crimes against the Palestinians and the increase of extremist Israeli settlers’ attacks against them, with the support of the ministers of the fascist Israeli government.

A series of activities will be implemented throughout the week, starting in Gaza, with the aim of educating people about the Palestinian cause and the fact of the apartheid Israeli regime that controls all aspects of the lives of the Palestinians.

International organizations, led by Amnesty International, have called for an immediate end to the Israeli apartheid regime, which violates all international laws and exacerbates the suffering of the Palestinians.

According to the organization, the Israeli occupation forces killed approximately 220 Palestinians, including 35 in January 2023 alone.

It stressed that the crimes of the occupation are not limited to killing, but rather other grave and continuous violations such as administrative detention, forced displacement, collective punishment, home demolitions, discrimination, and oppression, which are crimes against humanity.

According to research conducted by Amnesty International, incidents of Israeli settler violence against Palestinians increased for the sixth year in a row in 2022, including physical attacks, damage to property, and destruction of olive groves.

The current extremist ministers of the Israeli government are inciting more violence against the Palestinians by announcing plans to expedite the issuance of arms licenses to thousands of settlers to attack the Palestinians.

Israeli apartheid regime is manifested in the construction and expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, which recently witnessed a remarkable escalation with the insistence of the extremist far-right Israeli government.

Amnesty International stated that two United Nations Special Rapporteurs concluded that the Israeli occupation is committing apartheid.

It indicated the increasing number of countries, in the Human Rights Council, that recognized that (Israel) commit apartheid from nine countries in 2021 to 18 countries in 2022.

It noted that the occupation’s long-time disregard of its obligations under international law and the recommendations of the international community continues to have dire consequences for the Palestinians.