Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Prisoner Stops Dialysis in Protest Against Renewal of His Administrative Detention in Israeli Occupation Prisons

M.Y | DOP -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The family of prisoner Jamal Zaid, from Ramallah, said Thursday that he stopped dialysis in protest against the decision of the occupation intelligence to extend his administrative detention, in light of the difficult health conditions he suffers from in prisons.

The family stated that the prisoner suffers from kidney failure, and the lawyer told them that he stopped his dialysis in protest against the decision to renew administrative detention.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Zaid on September 15, after storming his house, and the intelligence services transferred him to administrative detention.

The prisoner, Zaid, suffers from the effects of a previous stroke, and he underwent a retinal change operation, and he needs to take a fluid medication on a regular basis, in addition to his suffering from gout, pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and irregular heartbeat.

The occupation intelligence uses the “administrative detention” law to abuse hundreds of Palestinians, by extending their detention, several times, without bringing cases to them or revealing files.