Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Palestinian Old Prisoner Suffers Deterioration in His Health Following Hunger Strike

M.Y | DOP -

The Palestinian Prisoners Club reported on Friday, August 12, that the health condition of the 64-year-old prisoner Yousef Al-Baz has deteriorated following his hunger strike in protest against his continued detention in Israeli prisons.

The Prisoner’s Club said in a statement issued today that a state of tension prevails in the sections of the Rimon Israeli Prison after Israeli occupation forces transferred the prisoner, Al-Baz to the prison’s clinic.

Yousef El-Baz, a heart diseased father of 7, started an open-ended hunger strike last Thursday in protest of the occupation court’s decision to keep him in detention.

Meanwhile, Dozens of Palestinians participated in a vigil in the city of Al-Lid in the 1948 occupied lands, in solidarity with the prisoner al-Baz, denouncing Israel’s racist policy against Arab activists.