Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

“Palestinian Issue Has Same Ingredients as Ukraine”, English Club Chairman Says

M.Y | DOP -

The owner of Forest Green Rovers Football Club Dale Vince said that both the Palestinian and Ukrainian conflicts have the same “invasion, occupation, murder of civilians, destruction of homes and hospitals –and siege.”

In a statement defending the flying of the Palestinian flag at the club’s stadium, Vince said the ‘conflict there has all the same ingredients as the one in Ukraine.’

“Palestine has been under siege by Israel –by air, land, and sea, for decades,” the chairman added, criticizing the US funding to Israeli occupation over the years.

“The US allows this, pumps billions into Israel to support its economy and military, and uses its Veto to reject any vital action that backs Palestine by the UN.”

“It stands in stark contradiction to our claims to moral superiority, civilization and democratic values.” Vince stressed.

Amid his statement, Vince was widely criticized on Twitter. Meanwhile, others expressed support for his bold stance.

Earlier in 2020, Vince described Israeli actions against Palestinians as the greatest global injustice of his lifetime.