Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 2

Palestinian Detainees in Ofer Prison Protest against IPA’s Violations  

M.S | DOP -

Palestinian detainees in the Israeli Ofer Prison protested against the arbitrary acts carried out by the Israeli Prison Administration (IPA). 

Palestinian detainees decided to return the food meals provided by the Israeli prison administration, protesting its systematic violations against them. 

Palestinian Ministry of Detainee’s Affairs (MDA) reported that about 900 Palestinian detainees in Israeli Ofer Prison, located in the occupied West Bank, are taking serious protest steps against the IPA’s last violations, most of which are the Family Visits restrictions and the deteriorated conditions of detention. 

These steps are taken as a response to the deliberate delay of Family Visits and the overcrowding of the Palestinian detainees in the prison rooms. 

It is worth mentioning that the IPA prevented several family visits under false pretenses, amidst a tense systematic violation of the Palestinian detainees’ rights in all Israeli prisons. 

The tensions in the prisons are present on daily basis due to the frequent assault of Palestinian detainees and the deprivation of their basic rights and needs by the prison administration. The IPA imposes unjust policies against them, such as illegal solitary confinement for very long periods of time. 

The isolated Palestinian detainees are denied family visits and meeting with the other detainees, in addition to the deprivation of sunlight, except for a few minutes in some very exceptional cases. 

The number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is 4650 detainees, including 32 female detainees, most of them are detained in Damon Prison in Haifa, 175 minors, and 730 administrative detainees, according to Palestinian statistics.