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Saturday, June 3

Palestine in Pictures: July 2022

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Source: Electronic Intifada

Israeli forces and settlers shot and killed six Palestinians during July – two of them children.

Kamel Abdullah Kamel Alawneh, 17, was shot by Israeli soldiers on 2 July and died from his wounds the following day.

Alawneh was fatally injured while residents of Jaba, a village near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, were protesting as occupation forces erected a checkpoint.

The teen was shot with live bullets in the elbow, and then again in the abdomen as he tried to flee, according to Defense for Children International-Palestine.


Another Palestinian, 20-year-old Rafiq Riyad Ghannam, was killed during an arrest raid in Jaba village on 6 July.

“The army said that during one of a series of raids carried out across the Palestinian territory, its troops fired at a suspect who attempted to escape arrest in the village of Jaba,” the AP news agency reported.


“While Israeli forces had reportedly declared him a wanted person, community members said he was a passerby who started running upon seeing soldiers, fearing for his safety,” the UN monitoring group OCHA stated.

Israel confiscated the young man’s body, preventing his family from holding a burial.

Deadly Nablus raid

Two Palestinians – Muhammad Bashar Azizi, 25 and Abdulrahman Jamal Subeih, 28 – were shot and killed when undercover forces belonging to Israel’s Yamam unit laid siege to a three-story home in the northern West Bank city of Nablus on 24 July.


Israel claimed that a firefight ensued at the home where Palestinian fighters were located.


Occupation forces fired a missile at the house, suggesting the Israeli attack may have been an application of the “pressure cooker procedure,” a form of extrajudicial execution.


During this procedure, occupation forces fire progressively more powerful weapons at a building in an effort to force those inside to surrender. If they refuse to do so, the occupation forces demolish the structure, killing everyone inside.


The Times of Israel reported that Israeli troops called on Qawariq “to stop moving toward their location and fired warning shots into the air. When he failed to heed their warnings, he was shot.”

The mayor of Huwwara said that the slain man was “mentally disabled” and “used to collect bottles and cans from the street and ask for money from businesses in the area.”

Laborer beaten

Ahmad Ayyad, 32, died after he was allegedly beaten by soldiers on 5 July.

Ayyad was among a group of Palestinian laborers who came under fire while attempting to breach Israel’s wall in the West Bank to reach their places of work in Israel.

The slain man’s uncle, Jamal Ayyad, told Middle East Eye that the group was apprehended and beaten by soldiers.

Ahmad Ayyad died from his injuries at a hospital hours later, according to the publication. His body was transferred to his family in Gaza later that day.

Also during July, a Palestinian woman in her sixties died in Israeli custody in what the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said was a case of medical neglect.

Saadia Salem Radwan Matar, from Ithna village near the West Bank city of Hebron, died on 2 July after losing consciousness in Damon prison.


Matar was arrested in December after a settler assaulted her near a checkpoint outside of the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron’s Old City, “claiming that she tried to carry out a stabbing attack,” the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said.


Matar was reportedly the oldest Palestinian woman detained by Israel and shortly before her death, she had attended a court hearing in a wheelchair.


“Her lawyer had already asked the Israeli Prison Service to refer her to a doctor after her medical examinations showed that her health condition was getting worse due to diabetes and [high blood] pressure,” the rights group added.