Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Israeli Occupation Accelerates Judaization in Occupied Palestinian Territories


The Israeli occupation forces demolished, at midnight last night, a building in the city of Nazareth in the occupied territories in 1948, while settlers began building a settlement outpost on the lands of Arab Al-Zaydna in the occupied Naqab.

 Local sources reported that the occupation forces demolished a three-story building in the city of Nazareth, inside the occupied territories 48, claiming that it was not licensed, amid a heavy presence of the occupation forces.

 Last Sunday, the occupation forces demolished the home of the family of Tariq Muhareb in the Shneir neighborhood in the city of Lod and displaced 11 members of the family.

 In the demolition of Palestinian homes inside the occupied territories, the occupation relies on laws targeting the Palestinian presence in the occupied cities, such as the Planning and Building Law, of which the “Kaminitz Law” is a part.

 And threatens the demolition of more than 50 thousand Palestinian homes in the oc occupied territories 48, claiming not to permit or implement projects of Judaization and settlement.

In another context, dozens of settlers stormed, at dawn today, Wednesday, the lands of the village of Arab Al-Zaydna, near Rahat, in the occupied Naqab, and set up a group of tents and seized the lands with the aim of establishing a settlement outpost in the place.

 Local sources said that 50 settlers stormed the lands belonging to Arab Al-Zaydna, and set up a group of tents in the place, amid the siege of the occupation forces.

 There were calls for the people of Rahat to flock to the area and confront the settlers and expel them from the lands.

The sources pointed out that the Israeli Knesset member, Itamar Ben Juffair, arrived armed with the protection of the occupation forces to the Zayadna land, on which settlers set up tents to establish a settlement outpost. A video clip showed settlers dancing after setting up tents to establish the outpost.

Clashes erupted during the past month in the occupied Naqab, in response to the decision of the occupation government to start afforestation of lands belonging to the Palestinians of the Naqab, which was considered an attempt to steal their lands for the benefit of the Fund, amid broad popular solidarity.