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Amnesty International criticizes Israel’s closure of Palestinian health organizations

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The decision of the Israeli authorities to close the headquarters of the Palestinian Health Work Committees will have dire consequences for the health needs of Palestinians throughout the occupied Palestinian territory, Amnesty International said.

The organization stated in a press statement today, Tuesday, that the Deputy Director of the Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa in the organization, Saleh Hegazy, said that the health work committees are health service providers in the occupied Palestinian territories, where they run hospitals and health clinics and provide medical care, and that the closure of Israel’s headquarters will have dire consequences for the provision of basic health services to thousands of Palestinians, and the women’s health program that was at the headquarters has now been discontinued.

He continued, “As the occupying power, Israel has a clear obligation under international law to protect the rights of all Palestinians, including their right to health, and so far Israel has completely failed to fulfill this responsibility during the global pandemic, following a discriminatory vaccination policy regarding the COVID-19 virus.”¬†

He stressed that the Israeli authorities must immediately rescind this closure order and put an end to the harassment of health workers.

The statement pointed out that this was not the first time that the health work committees and their employees from the Israeli forces were targeted, as the Israeli authorities had previously closed their office in Jerusalem in 2015, and the Ramallah office, which was closed today, was previously stormed in October 2019. – When its financial director was arrested, and in March 2021, other employees were arrested.
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In the early hours of the morning of June 9, the Israeli occupation forces raided the headquarters of the Health Work Committees in Ramallah, toppled the door, confiscated computers, and issued a military order forcing the office to close for six months.