Days of Palestine

Israeli police suppress peaceful sit-in in Sheikh Jarrah and arrest Al-Jazeera correspondent

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem

This evening, Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces attacked a peaceful sit-in in Sheikh Jarrah in occupied Jerusalem, denouncing the intention of the occupation to displace the family of the martyr Omar Al-Qasim.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli occupation soldiers attacked the participants in the sit-in and arrested Al-Jazeera correspondent Guevara Al-Budairi and destroyed the camera of the channel’s crew.

Israeli occupation forces also attacked the citizens and arrested the young man, Ammar Ghorab, while allowing settlers to move freely to and from the neighborhood.

The participants chanted slogans condemning the racist policies of the occupation and demanded action to stop the displacement of Jerusalemites from their homes.

Al-Maqdisi lawyer Hamza Quttineh said that the occupation’s attack on journalists came after the occupation and its settlers exposed their true ugly face to world opinion, in light of the colossal local and international media efforts in documenting the crimes of the occupation for several months.

Qutaineh pointed out that the occupation chose for itself a new enemy for targeting and revenge, which is the press and media crews in order to terrorize them and discourage them from doing their job, and in order to conceal and falsify facts and market its false narrative.
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Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood witnesses daily confrontations between the occupation forces and its settlers, and between the residents of the neighbourhood, the Jerusalemites, the youth and the solidarity activists, who stand up to the settlers’ incursions and attacks, and affirm their steadfastness in their homes and land.

The 500 Jerusalemites who live in 28 houses in the neighborhood are at risk of displacement at the hands of settlement associations after years of complicity with the occupation courts, which recently issued a decision against seven families to be displaced, despite the fact that the residents of the neighborhood are the actual and legal owners of the land.

In recent days, the Israeli occupation forces escalated the arrests of dozens of Jerusalemites and Palestinians inside the occupied territories, against the background of the marches and protests they witnessed against the crimes of the occupation in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Israeli occupation targets Jerusalemites through arrests, deportations and fines, with the aim of keeping them away from Al-Aqsa Mosque, and leaving it as a pretext for settlement ambitions.