Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Hamas condemns Israeli attacks on Christian worshippers in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas Movement denounced attacking Christian worshippers on Saturday evening at the New Gate and in the Old City near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in occupied Jerusalem by Israeli occupation forces while trying to access the church to celebrate the “Holy Saturday”.

In a statement, the Movement stated that this attack against Palestinian worshippers, which coincides with the continuous aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Muslim worshippers, confirms the racist nature of the Israeli occupation and debunks its claims for advocating openness, freedom, and respect for others.

Hamas affirms that the Palestinian people will not sit on their hands while the Israeli aggression on Jerusalem and defilement of holy sites continue; instead, they will defend their holy sites at any cost.
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Hamas called on the international community to abandon negativity towards the unabated Israeli crimes and take the measures necessary to put an end to the Israeli occupation’s aggression and hold it accountable for its violations of international law as an occupying power.