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Wednesday, March 22

PFLP refuses to postpone the elections

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) renewed its position, “refusing to postpone the elections, which it expressed in the meeting of the Abbas’s President of PA, and adhering to national agreements to hold elections in its three rounds, which gave our people the hope for ending the division and for the possibility of democratic change, and rebuilding national institutions in accordance with the national will.”

PFLP indicated in a statement, on Friday, that it was keen to participate in the “leadership” meeting that was held to discuss this matter; Out of national responsibility, and on the basis of exerting all efforts to complete the requirements of holding elections.

The statement added that the Palestinian arena has lived in recent days in a state of suspense over the possibility of postponing the legislative elections after their conduct was linked to the occupation’s stance towards them in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

It stressed that the PFLP will seek by all means to reverse the decision to postpone the elections through the broadest national and popular alignment that imposes on the PA to implement this national entitlement.

The statement continued that PFLP sees the elections as one of the mechanisms for self-determination for Palestinian people, so it called for elections to be a means of clashing with the Israeli occupation, and in their outcome aimed at ridding our people and the institutions of power from the agreements signed with it, and from the political, economic and security restrictions that were created by them.