Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Saudi security stormed house of Palestinian detainee in KSA’s jails, Muhammad Al-Khudari

Days of Palestine -

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that the Saudi security forces stormed the house of the Palestinian detainee Muhammad al-Khudari in Jeddah today, and held his wife “Wijdan” (70 years) and the wife of his son, “Hani”, to a security center.

It indicated in its statement that the security forces detained them for several hours before releasing them after they signed a pledge not to talk about the condition of the Al-Khudari detainee.

According to the information available, the security services subjected Al-Khudari’s wife to investigation and searched the house in a provocative manner, confiscated her phone, informed her that the authorities were annoyed by the moves to demand the release of her husband, and hinted at punishing and deporting the rest of the family.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor condemned the storming of Al-Khudari’s house, saying it was a new attempt to intimidate and silence the family.

It pointed out that the family’s choice between silence or being subjected to harsh procedures is immoral and illegal behavior, and that all concerned parties should intervene to stop the compound violations that the “Al-Khudari” detainee and his family are subjected to.