Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israeli plan to expel Palestinian residents from Jaffa

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Jaffa

Confrontations renewed, late last night, and for the second day in a row, between the Palestinians in Jaffa, the center of occupied Palestine in 1948, and the Israeli police, against the plan of expelling them from the city.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation police arrested three Palestinians from inside the country, after clashes that took place in the city of Jaffa during a demonstration in protest against the breach of a Palestinian home and the Israeli settlers’ provocations against them.

They added that among the detainees was a 14-year-old minor, who was arrested by the Israeli police for allegedly shooting fireworks in the air.
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The sources indicated that Palestinian citizens organized a protest stand near the settlers’ religious institute in the Al-Jabaliya neighborhood, while the Israeli police reinforced their presence in the city.

The confrontations took place after settler groups organized a march calling for the expulsion of Palestinian citizens from the city, during which they raised Israeli flags and chanted racist slogans.

Palestinian sources in the city stated that the Israeli police attacked the demonstration of Palestinian citizens, and fired sound and tear gas canisters at them, and did not object to the settlers’ march.

For weeks, the city of Jaffa has been witnessing continuous protests against the policies of the government company “Amidar” of the so-called “Israel Lands Administration” against the people of the city, especially after the police announced their intention to evacuate one of the Arab homes inhabited by an Arab family and sell it to a settler rabbi.

The Israeli occupation authorities had established several outposts in the heart of Jaffa, inhabited by ultra-racist settlers, with the aim of Judaizing Jaffa, changing the demographics of the city, in order to favor the Jews, terrorizing the Palestinian residents of the city, and forcing them to leave the city.