Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 29

Israeli repression forces raid cells in “Ofer” prison

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that the "Israeli" repression forces affiliated with the occupation prisons administration stormed Section 22 of "Ofer" prison and conducted extensive searches.

Prisoners in Ofer prison are subjected to continuous repression, and the prisoners decided in the past to take steps of protest that may reach a gradual hunger strike, after the failure of the dialogue with the prison administration, which refused to stop the policy of repression and abuse.

The prison administration continues to threaten the prisoners to escalate the repression and searches against them, and have threatened to transfer and suppress the regulatory bodies, despite the repeated dialogue sessions that were held over the past weeks.

The number of prisoners in Ofer exceeds 900, who live in difficult and harsh living conditions, and there is clear overcrowding in prison departments, and they are subjected to abuse, confiscation of their rights, intensification of searches and repression against them, and refusal to provide them with basic needs, which doubled their suffering.

The harsh conditions have prompted the prisoners since the beginning of this year to implement several protest steps, including the return of meals.

The Ofer prison administration intends to provoke the prisoners to justify the repression and abuse them, storming sections and assaulting them with beating and gas spraying, and transferring a number of them to solitary confinement.