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Friday, March 24

CIR welcomes US restoration of support to Palestine refugees

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) welcomed the announcement made by the United States that it is restoring its humanitarian aid assistance to Palestine refugees across the Middle East.

In a statement issued Thursday, the Council said that this decision is a correction of a mistake committed by the Trump administration, calling on Biden administration to also move politically to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop its aggression against the Palestinian people represented by the continuation of the occupation, settlements and siege.

The CIR stressed the importance of financial support for UNRWA, which provides services to millions of Palestinian refugees until they return to their homes from which they were expelled. The right of return is a key issue within the conflict that has plagued the region for more than 70 years, the CIR added.

The Council urged countries that have reduced their funding for UNRWA to backtrack on their decisions, and the international community and donor countries to increase support for the UN agency, especially in light of the current crises, especially the COVID-19 crisis that has greatly affected the region.

Remarking on the US announcement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said ‘The United States is pleased to resume support for UNRWA’s services, including an education for over 500,000 Palestinian boys and girls, thereby providing hope and stability in UNRWA’s five fields of operation in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and the West Bank and Gaza Strip.’