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Friday, March 24

Hamas comments on Israeli arrest of its candidate in West Bank

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

In a press release on Tuesday, Hamas, spokesperson, Fawzi Barhoum said that the detention of Hassan al-Wardiyan, a candidate in Hamas’s “Al-Quds is Our Destiny” list, is blatant interference in the Palestinian electoral process that reflects strenuous Israeli endeavors to disrupt it.

Barhoum added that these arrests against Palestinian citizens and figures in the West Bank will not intimidate, terrorize, or dissuade them from participating in the Palestinian elections; rather, they would motivate them to take part in the election process and ensure the success of this democratic option.

"The Palestinian people and their leaders and factions are all invited to turn all of these challenges into a confrontation with the Israeli occupation, protect this national necessity with all means possible and fight off any Israeli attempt to disrupt the Palestinian vote," He stated.

He called on the international community and international organisations to act immediately to protect the Palestinian election process and put an end to all Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.