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Friday, March 24

Nazzal: We will not allow disrupting the upcoming Palestinian elections

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The deputy head of the Hamas movement abroad and a member of its political bureau, Muhammad Nazal, said that his movement is against postponing the elections and arguing that they will not be held in Jerusalem. 

He stressed that there should be a dialogue to search for suitable alternatives to hold the elections in Jerusalem, which confirms its centrality, importance, and sanctity to the Palestinians and so as not to disrupt the elections.

Nazzal added, in the context of an exclusive interview with the Palestinian Information Center, that bypassing Hamas from the painful past does not mean that it will tolerate any future attempts by any party to create chaos or turn Gaza into a focus of internal fighting.

He added that the experiences that we have all gone through confirming the only way to resolve the differences within the Palestinian arena is dialogue, and appealing to the rules of democracy.
Nazzal added that there is a red line, which does not concern Hamas alone, the Palestinian resistance, which is not subject to bargaining and it should not be a matter of taking and responding, which is what was agreed upon with Fatah and the Palestinian factions.

Regarding the large number of lists that ran for the elections, he said that this large number reflects the vitality of the Palestinian society and its desire for correction, reform, and change, and what happened remains an expression of the democratic practice that should be accepted.

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" presented its list for the 2021 Legislative Council elections at the headquarters of the Central Elections Committee, and carried the slogan "Al-Quds Our Destination."

It is noteworthy that the door to candidacy for the Legislative Council elections will remain open until midnight on Wednesday, March 31, and the initial disclosure of the lists and candidates will be officially announced on April 6.