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Friday, March 31

OCHA: Israeli occupation killed Palestinian and demolished 26 homes in two weeks

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A UN report stated that the Israeli occupation forces have killed three Palestinians since the beginning of the year, the last of them on March 19, during clashes in the village of Beit Dajan in Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank.

The report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory "OCHA" in the "Protection of Civilians" report, which covers between (16-29) last March, that the Israeli occupation demolished 26 homes in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, which led to displacement about 125 people, including 15 children.

Demolish and displace

According to the report; the Israeli occupation demolished 26 Palestinian buildings in Area C, claiming that there were no building permits, which resulted in the displacement of 34 people, including 15 children, and damaging about 40 others.

In Khirbet Tana, east of Nablus, the Israeli occupation targeted 22 buildings and confiscated eight tents, which resulted in the displacement of 18 people, in addition to demolishing 11 uninhabited homes in the Bedouin community of Al-Nuweimah Al-Fawqa in Jericho Governorate, which caused damage to 21 people.

In East Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation demolished four buildings, including three that were forcibly demolished by their owners, which resulted in the displacement of 12 people.


During the past two weeks, the Israeli occupation forces have arrested about 115 Palestinians, including five children, in various parts of the West Bank.

Ramallah governorate recorded the highest number of these operations (27), followed by Tulkarm (21) and Hebron (18) governorates, and in one of the operations in Beit Kahil in Hebron, 21 Palestinians were arrested.

Encounters and injuries

The report indicated that the Israeli occupation forces wounded about 63 Palestinians during the weekly clashes in different parts of the West Bank.

In Beit Dajan, 10 people were injured during the six-month-old confrontations between the Palestinians and the occupation forces, as a result of the latter's efforts to establish a new settlement outpost on the lands of Beit Dajan village.

In addition, 43 others were injured in clashes in the Kafr Aqab neighborhood, east Jerusalem.

Five others were injured in two search and arrest operations in a house ordered by the Hebron governorate and Bir Nabala in Jerusalem.

As for Kafr Qaddum in Qalqilya, which is witnessing weekly confrontations against settlement expansion, four were injured, and another was injured while he was trying to enter the occupied territories through one of the wall openings in the Tulkarm area.

Forty Palestinians received treatment for inhaling toxic gas, 16 with rubber-coated metal bullets, and seven were physically assaulted.

Settlers' attacks

The UN report stated that settlers attacked two Palestinians, and damaged hundreds of trees.

Two citizens were physically assaulted one near the Susiya community in Hebron, and the other while he was cultivating his land near Al-Khader in the Bethlehem governorate.

Residents of the villages of Jalud, Khirbet Sarra, Tell in Nablus, Ras Karkar and Deir Nizam in Ramallah reported that about 300 trees and seedlings were destroyed.

In Beit Iksa in Jerusalem and Kafr al-Dik in Salfit, settlers damaged a house, three agricultural buildings, and three vehicles.

In the Al-Baqa'a area in Hebron, settlers began leveling Palestinian land.

The settlers closed a spring of water near Tubas, preventing Palestinian shepherds from reaching it.