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Sunday, March 26

Palestinian factions conclude the Cairo dialogue 

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Days of Palestine – Cairo

The Palestinian factions on Wednesday concluded their dialogue in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with a final statement confirming that the elections will be held as scheduled.

In the final statement, the factions reviewed the course of the national dialogue hosted by the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on the 16th and 17th of this March.

The factions held a meeting with the participation of the Presidency of the National Council of the Liberation Organization and the Central Elections Committee, where the meeting discussed with high responsibility all national issues and the risks facing the Palestinian issue and the conduct of legislative and presidential elections and the National Council based on the presidential decree issued on January 15, 2021. 

They also discussed the ways to strengthen the national partnership and the ways to address them in a way that enhances the Palestinian national democratic path and to refer them to the competent authorities, according to the statement.

The participants listened to the report of the Central Elections Commission on the progress of preparation for the legislative elections, and agreed on solutions to the outstanding issues; to ensure the conduct of the electoral process with high transparency and integrity that reflects the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

According to the statement, the Presidency of the Palestinian National Council presented a detailed report on its vision of the status of the Council and the organization, and the meeting discussed the mechanisms of forming the new National Council and the number of its members.

It stipulated that the Secretary-General’s conference will be held in a permanent session to follow up on what has been agreed upon, stressing the legal and political unity of the Palestinian territories, and the need for the upcoming elections to be held in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and to address any measures that may hinder their conduct in Jerusalem.

The participants also stressed the completion of the formation of the unified leadership of the comprehensive popular resistance and its activation, according to the statement of the last meeting of the secretaries-general.

The statement stated that the factions participating in the Palestinian elections signed a pact of honor, during which they affirmed their keenness to conduct the electoral process in all its stages with transparency and integrity, extending greetings, appreciation, and pride to the martyrs of our people, prisoners. 

The factions also appreciated the support of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for the Palestinian people and the efforts made by Egypt in caring for the Palestinian national dialogue in all its stages and its vigorous follow-up to implement what was agreed upon.