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Friday, March 24

Israeli settlers bulldoze 25 dunums east of Hebron

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Days of Palestine – Hebron

Vehicles belonging to the "Kharsina" settlement, today, Tuesday, bulldozed agricultural land in the Baqa'a area, east of Hebron.

The owner of the land, Aref Jaber, said that the settlers are trying to seize his 25 dunums of land by force, indicating that it is the fifteenth time that they are trying to seize it.

He added that human rights activists and popular resistance activists came to support him and expelled the extremist settlers, while they tried to trample him and expel him from his land.

Jaber appealed to the competent authorities to support him and protect his land from the ambitions of the settlers.

The lands of Al Baqa'a region, east of Hebron are witnessing a frenzied campaign by the occupation and settlers of bulldozing agricultural lands and demolishing water pools on which farmers depend to irrigate their crops and crops, with the aim of forcibly deporting citizens from their lands in favor of the settlement.