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Sunday, April 2

Hamas: Israeli ban the entry of coronavirus vaccine to Gaza is collective punishment

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In a press release Tuesday, Hamas Movement said that the Israeli occupation prevention of the entry o the coronavirus vaccine to the Gaza Strip is a new crime against humanity.

Hamas spokesman, Abd al-Latif al-Qanoo', said that the Israeli occupation prevented the entry of the coronavirus vaccine to our people in the Gaza Strip is a form of aggression against the Palestinian people.

He added that our people have the right to receive and enter everything necessary to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Qanoo' stressed that this racist behavior contradicts all international laws and norms, which requires international and human rights institutions to exercise their role to put pressure on the Israeli occupation.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the Israeli occupation authorities banned the entry of the coronavirus vaccine into the Gaza Strip, which will increase the number of deaths and the spread of the epidemic.

The Ministry calls on the international authorities to intervene to expedite the entry of the vaccine to spare the Gaza Strip any health disasters in light of expectations of the second wave of coronavirus infections.