Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

The occupation continues to raze the lands of North Salfit

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Salfit

The Israeli occupation forces on Monday continue to sweep lands in Wadi Abd al-Rahman, north of Salfit.

The mayor of Salfit, Abd al-Karim Zubeidi, said that the bulldozers of the occupation have been working for several weeks to bulldoze thousands of dunams in the area, for the purpose of building 800 settlement units belonging to the settlement of "Ariel".

The farmer Khalil al-Taqtq said that the bulldozers of the occupation and settlers changed the features of Wadi Abd al-Rahman by bulldozing hundreds of dunams of land in an area called "Azriel Fires", destroying stone chains, breaking olive trees, and making special bicycle paths.

The occupation forces have bulldozed, during the past two years, about 1500 dunums in the aforementioned area.