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Wednesday, March 29

Palestine records 1022 coronavirus infections, nine deaths

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Minister of Health Mai Alkaila announced today that 1022 new coronavirus infections, nine deaths, and 733 recoveries were registered in Palestine during the past 24 hours.

In her daily report on the coronavirus pandemic, she said that seven people have died in the West Bank after contracting the disease as 614 new cases were recorded and 299 patients have recovered.

The Gaza Strip had two fatalities from corona, 148 new cases, and 264 recoveries, while East Jerusalem had zero fatalities, 260 new cases recorded over two days, and 170 recoveries.

Alkaila said 58 patients remain in intensive care, including 17 on respirators.

The health minister pointed out that the recovery rate in Palestine has so far reached 93.7 percent, while active cases scored 5.1 percent. Deaths stood at 1.1 percent of total infections.