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Tuesday, March 21

Israel threatens to demolish 25 Palestinian houses in Nablus

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Days of Palestine – Nablus

The Israeli occupation forces today, Monday, notified more than 25 homes to stop construction and demolition in the upper Nablus area, south of the city.

Ghassan Douglas, the official in charge of the settlement file in the northern West Bank, said that the Israeli occupation forces are stepping up their procedures in a systematic and deliberate manner, usually that the notifications the citizens have received are dangerous, because this is an area located within the boundaries of Nablus, and there are no settlers or settlements.

He added that the Israeli occupation forces 'demolition of citizens' homes means the displacement of dozens of citizens from their shelters after they displaced them from their lands, which is a real humanitarian and human rights disaster.

It was recently noted that demolition orders and notifications are no longer limited to the most remote places in the Jordan Valley and in the West Bank, rather, it began to affect many residential homes, as happened in the south of Nablus, the northern town of Asira, and the town of Sarra, west of the city.

It is noteworthy that many of the notifications concerned large, populated residential buildings that fully met the conditions for licensing for being subject to civil authority.