Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

More than 1000 at a Day of Rage protest against Israeli annexation in NYC

Days of Palestine -

On Wednesday, July 1, over 1000 people gathered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to rally and march against the planned Zionist annexation of the West Bank. The international Day of Rage was locally organized by Within Our Lifetime and the NY4Palestine coalition.

The rally began at 4 p.m., but the crowd had already started growing before the start time.
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As the crowd swelled, Palestine flags waving by the dozens, a motley handful of counter-protesters gathered across the street. They had a few Israeli flags and none of them were wearing masks. While they attempted to chant, the pro-Palestine crowd easily drowned them out and the counter-protest ended quickly and quietly.

The protest had over 40 organizations endorsing from all across New York City and the rally had a handful of those organizations form a robust and impressive speakers list, from the Red Nation to the International League of Peoples Struggle. Each speaker was able to highlight how the liberation of Palestine was part and parcel to bringing down U.S. imperialism and systematically winning liberation for all.

It began raining towards the end of the rally, but not enough to dissuade the protesters from marching. Over a 1000 took to the streets of Brooklyn and marched throughout the Bay Ridge neighborhood.