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Thursday, March 23

‘Israel’ imposes security cordon on Palestine’s Bethlehem

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Days Of Palestine – Bethlehem

On Thursday, the Israeli occupation minister of war, Naftali Bennet ordered to impose a security cordon on Bethlehem in the West Bank, preventing everyone from entering or leaving the city.

Bennet’s decision comes after testing seven persons, who have been staying in a hotel in the city, positive for coronavirus. The closure starts today and will continue until further notice.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Ishtayyeh, on Thursday declared a state of emergency for a month to deal with the virus outbreak.

Ishtayyeh said in a press conference that the government decided to close all schools, kindergartens, and universities.

“Staff of ministries in addition to medical teams and all doctors will continue to do their work”, Ishtayyeh said. “Movement between the cities should be only in extreme emergency”, he added.

“We are considering the idea of closing all roads to Palestine when required”.

He also added that all events and activities will be canceled. All tourism and religious areas will be closed as well.