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Wednesday, March 22

Israeli police attack a school, student injured

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Days Of Palestine – Jerusalem

A Palestinian child on Tuesday suffered a rubber bullet injury in his hand after Israeli police forces attacked the Issawiya Boy High School in al-Issawiya district, east of Occupied Jerusalem.

According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, police forces stormed al-Madares (schools) Street in the district during the recess time and attacked the Issawiya School’s gate, firing some rubber-coated metal rounds towards a crowd of students inside the schoolyard.

One child identified as 15-year-student Mohamed Attiya was injured in his hand in the attack and rushed to hospital for medical assistance.

A family committee in Issawiya strongly denounced Israeli police’s disregard for the lives of Palestinian students and their intentional failure to provide them with a safe environment even while they are inside their schools.

The committee said that Israeli police’s claim that their forces were thrown with stones in the area can never be accepted as justification for using such violence and endangering the lives of all students.