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Saturday, April 1

27 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces in West Bank

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Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

Israeli occupation forces on Thursday overnight detained 27 Palestinians, including a cartographer and a commerce official, in multiple raids across the West Bank, said the Palestine Prisoners’ Society (PPS).

PPS confirmed in a press release that Israeli police detained two Palestinians after ransacking their houses in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.

The detainees were identified as Director of the Arab Studies Mapping Department, Khalil Tafakji, and Chairman of Jerusalem’s Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kamal Obeidat.

Police also detained eight Palestinians, including two teens and three former prisoners, from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Hizma.

PPS confirmed a similar raid in al-Ram town, northeast of Jerusalem, resulting in the detention of a father and his son. The detainees were released several hours afterwards.

In Ramallah district, Israeli military vehicles stormed Deir Abu Mashaal village, northwest of Ramallah city, resulting in the detention of a Palestinian.

Soldiers conducted a similar raid in the neighboring village of Deir Nidham, resulting in the detention of another.

PPS confirmed that two others were rounded up from Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah.

Meanwhile, three Palestinians were detained from the northern West Bank district of Nablus as stated in the PPS statement.

Two detainees were identified as residents of Jamma'in town, southwest of Nablus, and the other as a teen from Askar refugee camp, located at the outskirts of the city.

Elsewhere in the northern West Bank, Israeli soldiers detained a 13-year-old child after ransacking his parents’ house in the Qalqilia-district village of Jayyous.

Soldiers also barged their way into Khirbert al-Hadidya village in the northern Jordan Valley, where they rounded up two Palestinians.

PPS said that four others, including a teen, were detained from Jericho district and another from Bethlehem city.

In Hebron district, Israeli soldiers stormed in the early morning hours a blacksmith workshop in al-Fahs area, south of Hebron, seizing the lathing machines and destroying the rest of the equipment.

Soldiers also stormed and thoroughly searched several houses in al-Burj and Sair towns, south and east of Hebron, turning them upside down.