Days of Palestine

Sunday, April 2

Israeli forces shoot dead one Palestinian, injured 5 others

Days of Palestine -

Days Of Palestine – Gaza

Israeli occupation troops opened fire at two Palestinian youths were in the agricultural lands near the border area in Khan Younis city south of the Gaza Strip early Sunday morning.

Local sources said that Israeli occupation forces killed one Palestinian, and injured 5 others, one of them was with the first who killed earlier, and the others were attempting to recover both of them.

It added that an Israeli army bulldozer is seen running over the body of the Palestinian shot dead by Israeli occupation forces today at the very beginning morning.

Israeli occupation forces managed to take only one body. The second Palestinian survived and he's only injured after he was rescued by the young Palestinian heroes. He's alive at the hospital now, local sources confirmed.

This photo shows, how the outrageous sadism of the Israeli occupation forces when its bulldozer ran over the Palestinian dead body:

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