Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

2.512 Jewish Extremists Stormed Al Aqsa Mosque last January

Days of Palestine -

Last January saw several raids into Al Aqsa mosque by hundreds of Jewish extremists, and concurrently, several cases of expulsion and prevention from entry to the holy mosque against Muslim worshipers.

The Directorate of Islamic Waqf said that 2,512 stormed the holy mosque last month, including the right-wing extremist leader Yehuda Glick.

The settlers performed rituals at the eastern area of the holy mosque, near the Mercy gate, on a daily basis, provoking worshipers and guards. Israeli police and special forces protected the settlers during their provocative rituals.

The Waqf added that 744 of those, who stormed Al Aqsa mosque, were students at religious institutes, who are usually escorted by Israeli forces and sometimes allowed to go anywhere in the mosque.

Nearly 210 settlers were allowed to storm the mosque under the title “the guests of the police”.

Last month witnessed calls by Muslim worshipers to intensify their existence at the holy mosque. Thousands of worshipers from all over Palestine flocked to the mosque, especially for Fajr prayer, despite the Israeli restrictions.

Israeli forces repressed worshipers several times. Several worshipers were wounded after Israeli repression, which aimed at decreasing the numbers of worshipers, which estimated at over 10,000.

After seeing the huge numbers of worshipers, settlers’ groups started inventing occasions to intensify their calls for raids. During this month, they called for a raid to celebrate the Hebrew Arbor Day, which was never celebrated as a holiday.

Meanwhile, Israeli police issued 104 ban and expulsion orders against worshipers. In some cases, the worshipers were accused of “chanting” or distributing sweets at the holy mosque. Some barred women were accused of being “dangerous on the security of the state” only because they prayed at Al Aqsa mosque.