Days of Palestine

Thursday, March 23

Palestinians announce national committee against Trump’s deal

Days of Palestine -

Days Of Palestine

Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip yesterday announced the formation of a national committee against US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century”.

The new body includes Palestinians from the national factions from inside and outside the occupied territories, was made during a popular conference held in Gaza.

During the conference, the spokesman of the Popular Resistance Committees, Mohamed Al Burim, said: “The committee is to lay down a plan to counter the deal which turns its back on all legal, ethical and humanitarian standards and values.”

He also stressed the importance of national unity and “having a united strategy” against the deal among all Palestinians.

He went on to call for accepting a code of conduct that criminalises anyone who deals with or accepts the deal of the century.

Al Burim condemned Arab states who have applauded the deal and called on them to back Palestinian rights.

Last week, US President Donald Trump unveiled his “peace plan” to end the Palestine-Israel conflict. Dubbed the “deal of the century" it has been slammed for giving Israel everything it wants while providing Palestinians no rights, and ensure they are forever subjugated by the occupation.