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Saturday, April 1

Palestinian prisoners declare two-hour strike in support of women, minor detainees

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Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

Palestinian prisoners in several Israeli jails decided to observe a two-hour strike on Monday and to refuse to take meals in protest of the way the Israel Prison Services (IPS) treats women and minor Palestinian prisoners held at Damon prison, according to two advocacy groups.

The Prisoners Commission and the Prisoners Society said in two separate statements that the prisoner in Ofer, Naqab, Galboa and Nafha prisons have decided not to accept meals between 1 and 3 pm local time to protest the dismal conditions of the minor and women prisoners.

They said that they have decided to close the sections as of this afternoon and start talks with the IPS to bring a stop to the mistreatment of the minors and women prisoners in Damon.

They described the Damon prison conditions as very bad and not a place where people can live, not to mention lack of blankets and warm clothing in this cold winter and bad food and water.

The prisoners warned of an escalation in the situation if the IPS continues mistreating the minors and women prisoners.

Meanwhile, the tension was high at Ofer military camp and prison near Ramallah today after the IPS claimed a Palestinian prisoner has attacked and wounded a prison guard.

The Prisoners Society said the IPS closed all sections at Ofer, brought extra forces and canceled all family visits to the prisoners.

More than 1000 Palestinians are held at Ofer.