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Sunday, March 26

Israel to ban presence of minors with their representatives in jails

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Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) has warned that the Israeli prison service (IPS) intends to extract an official decision to jail Palestinian minors separately from the adult prisoners who represent and take care of them.

“This is what has actually happened with the detained children who were transferred to Damon jail as a first step to implement such decision,” PPS stated on Tuesday.

PPS pointed out that this decision could be implemented only in the jails located in Israel (the 1948 occupied lands) such as Damon and Megiddo jails and not in the West Bank (the 1967 occupied lands), where the Ofer jail is located.

There are about 200 Palestinian children in the jails of Ofer, Megiddo and Damon, and IPS recently transferred many of them from the West Bank jail of Ofer to Damon jail to isolate them from their representatives.