Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

Israeli forces wreak havoc on Tana hamlet in eastern Nablus

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Days Of Palestine – Nablus

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) went on the rampage through Tana hamlet in the east of Nablus, destroying homes, trees and agricultural structures.

Eyewitnesses said that two bulldozers and vehicles boarded by soldiers and employees from the Israeli army’s civil administration stormed Tana hamlet after cordoning it off to prevent entry of citizens and journalists.

They added the bulldozers demolished three tents and one cave used as homes as well as agricultural stone barriers and rainwater catchment wells.

The bulldozers also razed the fences surrounding agricultural reservations and uprooted about 3,000 olive trees recently planted by the Beit Furik municipal council and other trees that have been there for long trees.

Tana hamlet or Khirbet Tana has been under Israeli attack for long in an attempt to expel the native Palestinian population from their areas and build Jewish settlements.