Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 29

Tunisian Post issues commemorative stamp in Arabic entitled “Al Quds – the Capital of Palestine”

Days of Palestine -

On Wednesday, the Tunisian Post issued a commemorative stamp, in Arabic, entitled “Al Quds – the Capital of Palestine”.

The issuance of the new postage stamp came to stress ”Tunisia’s firm stance in supporting the Palestinian cause and international efforts to reach a just and comprehensive peace which would end the Israeli occupation and enable the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The decision of the Arab League to adopt Jerusalem as the permanent capital of Arab heritage is one of the forms of intellectual and moral confrontation as well as peaceful resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The new postage stamp and related products will be offered for sale starting today at all Tunisian post offices.

The Arab Permanent Committee approved in April last year the issuance of the commemorative stamp entitled “Al Quds – the Capital of Palestine’’ in all Arab countries, amid the Israeli escalation of the occupation measures against the city and US supportive policy towards those violations.