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Friday, March 24

Death toll of Israeli attacks on Gaza rises to 4

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza

Since Tuesday dawn, Israeli warplanes killed 4 Palestinians and wounded dozens of others in airstrikes across the Gaza Strip.

At the very beginning morning, Israeli warplanes assassinate Bahaa Abul-Ata, 42 and his wife Asmaa, 39, by bombarding their home according to the Ministry of Health.

In the same aggression, the Ministry added that four of Abul-Ata children and a neighbor were wounded and sustained light to moderate injuries.

Meanwhile, the ministry said that Hammouda was targeted by the Israeli fighters as he was driving from the city of Beit-Lahiya, north of Gaza, towards Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Moments ago the Ministry of Health announced that the death toll of Israeli attack rises to 4 martyrs, as Israeli warplanes attack a group of civilians in Beit Lahia north of the Gaza Strip.

The Martyr identified as Zaki Ghanama, 25. Three injuries were reported in the same aggression.

At midday, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the Israeli army had started a wide-scale operation against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Earlier in the morning, the Israeli occupation authorities completely closed the crossings with Gaza, in addition to closing the sea for fishing.