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Saturday, April 1

Israel committed 600 violations against media in 2019

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Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate said in a report on Thursday that so far this year, Israeli occupation forces have committed 600 violations against journalists and the media in general, including the use of live ammunition against journalists.

The PJS Freedoms Committee said the gravest of these violations was the use of live ammunition against journalists; It said 60 cases of live fire injuries among journalists by Israeli forces were documented.  

The report also noted that in 170 cases, Israeli soldiers beat up, detained or briefly detained journalists or banned them from covering events. Currently, added the report, there are 18 journalists incarcerated in Israeli jails.

On the ongoing anti-Palestinian campaign by Facebook, the Syndicate said it has monitored 180 cases of violation against the Palestinian content on the platform, including the removal of Palestinian accounts or posts.