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Friday, March 24

Israel demolishes part of a school wall in West Bank

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Days Of Palestine – West Bank

Israeli occupation forces demolished on Monday at morning part of the wall of a school in the village of Thahr al-Maleh, located in West Bank 'Area C' , and seized a container, according to local sources.

Omar Khatib, head of Thahr al-Maleh village council, said that Israeli forces raided the village and declared the school a closed military zone, adding that they prevented students and their families from reaching the school before proceeding to demolish part of its external wall.

Israeli forces also seized a container the school was using as a cafeteria for the students and teachers..

In June, Israeli forces, accompanied by staff from the Israeli military’s planning and building committee, stormed and raided the same school, where a new project for the construction of a clinic and a fence for the school was underway.

The forces reportedly seized construction equipment to prevent the completion of the project, citing unpermitted construction as a pretext.

Israel prevents Palestinian construction in West Bank, which makes up over 60 percent of the area of the occupied West Bank and is under full Israeli military control.