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Saturday, March 25

Israeli police kidnap two Palestinians in Jerusalem

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Days Of Palestine – Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation police on Monday evening kidnaped two Palestinian young men from Issawiya district in east Jerusalem.

According to local sources, police forces stormed Issawiya and rounded up two young men identified as Nasrallah Mahmoud, 17, and Mohamed Dirbas, 23, during their presence near the Arba’ein Mosque.

The Israeli police in Jerusalem also banned seven Palestinians, including two women, from entering the Aqsa Mosque for many days.

Lawyer Khaled Zabarqa said the police arrested on Monday morning two women and five men when a Saudi soccer delegation visited the Aqsa Mosque, but later they released them after detaining them for some hours.

The detainees were also handed police orders preventing them from entering the Mosque for 15 days.