Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Hamas: Ignoring Palestinian rights threatens regional stability

Days of Palestine -

The Hamas Movement has warned that UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres’ persistence in ignoring the Palestinian people’s rights contributes to undermining stability in the region and encourage more settlement and Judaization activities in the occupied territories.

“Taking into consideration the purposes of the UN, We are addressing you today to affirm that the continued denial of the inalienable Palestinian rights — especially the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, and their right to return to their homes they were expelled from and obtain their freedom and independence — undermines opportunities for stability in the region,” Hamas said in a letter sent to Guterres.

“The ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories is the main element in destabilizing and threatening international peace and security and affects our people’s trust in the usefulness and effectiveness of the international organization (UN),” the Movement added.

Hamas called on Guterres to assume his moral and legal role in protecting the Palestinian people, and mobilizing all possible means and activating Chapter VII of the UN Charter to restore international peace and security and help the Palestinian people regain their rights and achieve their aspirations for liberation from the occupation, return to their homes and self-independence.